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Meet our staff… the people that help to keep you in the know

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Our staff and extensive network of contributors help to bring you all the latest information in tennis related news, education, and equipment.

“Always stay a step ahead”
John Remmington


Simply Brilliant

Our team is always on the lookout for news and newly released product information to keep you up to date on all tennis related items available on the market. They research and report on aggregated data, personally inspect and try out each item prior to writin their reviews. All informational based posts are based on aggregated research or personaly experience.

Meet the Staff

Our Incredible Talent

This website wouldn’t exist without the assistance of our amazing talent.

David Chen

David is an expert in sports and athletic equipment. He loves testing out new items, and reviewing each one to help guide readers.

Andrea Westin

Constantly researching and providing carefully curated, original content for your reading pleasure.

Jonathan Aspen

15 years working as a tennis pro with students of all ages. He helps to provide educational articles and his many tricks of the trade.

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