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Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls

The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are considered to be a premium tennis ball and until recently were not available for purchase in the U.S. These premium tennis balls used by the pros are now available for purchase in the USA through Amazon.


  • Brand used by many ATP Tour Events including Gstaadt, Rotterdam, and Marseille
  • 72% of natural felt, higher percentage than any other brand of tennis ball
  • Natural felt makes this ball more perfect for multiple court surface (clay & hard courts)
  • Balls are made of Grand Prix formula rubber which is manufactured jointly with Bridgestone
  • These balls will truly last an entire three set match between two UTR 13+ level players (USTA 5.5+). They will last 2-3 matches for lower level players.


Professional Grade

The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are used in numerous ATP 250/500 tournaments including Marseille, Rotterdam, and Gstaad. This ball was also the ball used in the 2017 Davis Cup Finals between France and Belgium.

Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls Characteristics

The Tecnifibre X-One is made with 72% real felt. The result is that the felt lasts longer than any other balls on the market. After about 20 minutes of heavy hitting by 5.0+ level players, you will see the balls “fluff up” though the fluffing is not the same as lower end balls. Contrary to what many players think, some fluff is good because it causes to a ball to “bite” the air more when spin is applied. Naked balls that lose their felt quickly are more aerodynamic and therefore will move faster through the air. So while too much fluff is undesirable, so is a ball with little remaining felt. 

The Tecnifibre also benefits from high-quality rubber made by Bridgestone. This means the balls will keep their “new” bounce height for a longer time. The cheap “grocery store” balls really are not designed or manufactured to last an entire 3 set match, particularly for higher-level players. Higher end balls including the Wilson US Open, ATP Head, and the Tecnifibre X-One are really the level of balls you should use if you’re a high 3.5 UTSA player or higher.

Worth the Investment?

Tecnifibre’s X-One balls are not the cheapest, but that are a great value. The balls on Amazon are 4-ball metal cans, which means you have less ball chasing to do during a match. Serious players invest in a lot of tennis gear: racket, shoes, strings, energy drinks, tennis clothing, grips, and bags. If you spend so much on all of these items why be cheap and pick an inferior ball? And unlike the lower end balls, you can actually keep these balls for a couple practice sessions before putting them in the bucket of balls used to play fetch with your pooch.

Technifibre X-One Tennis Balls vs Other Premium Balls

You really cannot go wrong with any of the high-end premium balls. Everyone has his or her preferences, but X-One is definitely a ball you should consider if you’re serious about your game and don’t want a low-quality ball to affect a tight match deep into your final set.