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Best Doggy Toy

Best Doggy Toy

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What is the best doggy toy and dog training tool out there?

It may be obvious, it may be not. But when looking at all the different variable; cost, longevity, fun, ease, accessibility, effectiveness, there is a clear winner – the tennis ball!

A tennis ball is perfectly shaped to fit inside dog’s mouth, the round small ball is almost identical to the natural curvature of the inside of your dogs front teeth. A tennis ball bounces and rolls and can be easily spotted in long green grass.

A tennis ball has a furry outer cover layer of material that dogs love, similar to a plush style doggy toy, and it picks up the scents it comes in contact with, like your scent, after you’ve held the ball in your hand and thrown it around a few times.

A tennis ball floats in water.

A tennis ball can fit inside your pant pocket, making it easily transportable and allows you to bring it to the park or the yard for a game of fetch without having to carry anything in your arms.

A tennis ball can be tossed and travel long distances, allowing your dog to run a significant distance to grab it and get some solid exercise. All of which can be accomplished with little effort from you, as a tennis ball is light and can easily be thrown far by anyone.

A tennis ball is robust and resilient and can withstand harsh weather and all types of environmental factors and still be a functional, usable toy for years to come. Even young, small puppies can pick them up, and carry them around.

Tennis balls are cheap, cheap, cheap. A tennis ball is cheaper than any other doggy toy on the market. You can find them at a variety of stores, and easily replace them at any time if needed.

A tennis ball makes a unique sound when it’s bounced and your dog will learn to identify and recognize that unique sound and will know it signifies play time.

Tennis balls are usually a green yellow neon color which makes them perfect for hiding in the grass and your dog will love looking for it. It is close enough to the color of grass to be a fun find for you dog, but unique enough in color that the prize is attainable.

You can hollow out the tennis ball, creating a space inside of it, and use that space for hidden treats and treasures for your pup to encourage training and learn new tricks or just to add some additional excitement to play time.

The tennis ball is unparalleled as training device as well as toy. Treasure it. There is virtually no reason to set off on a search for the most costly dog toy or the fanciest training tool or some new gimmick item promising to keep your dog entertained, when you most likely already own the best dog toy you will ever find. Your dog will love it, they all do, and they’ll thank you for it.

Some tips:

1) Try not to give canines a chance to play unattended with a tennis ball. Less is more. Leaving the toy, any toy by itself giving unlimited access, and the toy will loose it’s appeal rather quickly. If you limit the tennis ball to play only when you are available to play to, when you are actively involved in play time, and don’t over saturate your dogs access to the ball, it will remain as an exciting toy that your dog will jump and bark for every time you pull it out of your pocket it, or your pup here’s it’s signature bounce on the lawn.

2) Don’t let dogs chew or destroy the tennis ball. The tennis ball is to be treasured. It is an orb of pure mystery and should be treated as preciously as a Fabergé egg for that is how your dog shall view it if you keep their tennis ball interest in tact.

3) Introduce puppies to the joys of the tennis ball early in life. It will pay off later.

4) Never be without one. An emergency tennis ball is, in many cases, as useful as a distress flare on a sinking ship. The tennis ball. The best dog toy ever invented. Fact.